The Marine Diaries is a non-profit company formed by Rebecca Daniel, Maddie St Clair Baker and Harriet Tyley in December 2017. I joined the team in July 2020 and it has been the most amazing experience so far. 
I was given the opportunity to help redesign some of their incredible work and create a brand that is consistent throughout the organisation and meet some amazing people along the way. We work remotely due to all being in different countries and are working on some very exciting things for the rest of this year and into the next.
Below is the new logo we've redesigned - the ray icon was the original but we felt like the organisation needed a consistent brand, including a horizontal logo for pencils/business cards etc. I have used this below on our kids' colouring sheets which we are planning on selling to help us get an income stream in order to fund research and run our site.
Here I have illustrated the entire alphabet as an activity pack for children to do due to COVID/being stuck indoors with
nothing to do. They are educational and have random fun facts for kids to learn and teach about marine life and animals that
are going extinct.
I have also created the brand guidelines for the company which will help them work together in the future to keep consistency. Above are some pages from this to show their colour palette and font choices.