We were set the task of creating a set of 4 posters as part of an exhibition by the ‘North Sea Observatory’. I wanted to focus my project on how sea creatures see plastic as food and try to eat it, digesting it and then suffering/suffocating due to the nature of the ‘food’ they’re consuming.
- The turtle is surrounded by lots of plastic bags and one jellyfish; a mission to find food.
- The stingray poster represents the amount of nets that get released into the ocean and capture animals, pushing them down with the weight and trapping them where they can’t untangle themselves and slowly starve. 
- The octopus is surrounded by similar looking ropes which they get tangled up in
- The crab poster tells the story of how hermit crabs have to size up on their shells; but the reality is that the only houses they can seem to find is coke cans and lego bricks.
A devastating outcome, but it shows the harsh reality of how much pollution is released into our seas and what we need to do surrounding awareness within beach clean-ups.