After researching penguin books and reading Goodnight Mister Tom, I realised that I needed to aim my cover at more YA readers rather than children. This was due to a much darker plot than the original cover portrays. For the digital cover, I loved reading about the books Tom read to Will, so I placed the names onto an illustrated spine I had drawn on the cover. I also wanted to create a tribute to the late characters without the reader understanding what I had intended before they read it themselves. I decided to place their names onto some of the spines to make it look like one of the titles such as “Annie” or “Tom Thumb”. For my photography cover, I wanted to capture William’s essence of happiness. This included Rachel’s paints, the postcards to his mum and his love for drawings. For the hand-crafted cover, I wanted to create something from Lino as previously this material generated a good final outcome. With this, I created the old oak tree that William sits under to read (Oak symbolising Tom, an old wise oak tree).
One digital, one hand-crafted, one photographic