This brief was to create a new identity for a PT working in Peterborough. The original logo was erased so I had to build it again from the ground up. The client didn’t want to change it as they would lose too much existing branding, so I had to trace it and re-create it as close as it’s original standard. The design before had been stretched so I used the closet font to it I could find and added the arm to the "K". From there, I designed a new ‘Fit class’ logo based upon the client’s requirements. This was based on the first logo but with a subtle add to the ‘FIT’ along the right side. There was a lot of trial and error in order to find the perfect outcome, but it was very good practice and a first experience working with an actual client.
Later on I also designed a further sub-brand logo for a new class the client was promoting. After splitting the text through the middle, the client was happy, but I decided to change the fist from the the first letter to black. I liked keeping the blue consistent but I felt that The bottom of the "K" needed to match the fist to show it was punching upwards. We agreed this made it look authentic to the inspiration he was looking at for ideas, making this more unique and personal as it included the arm from the main unified logo. I was also asked to illustrate 20 different style cartoon characters for them to use within online posting during COVID19. This was challenging as I wasn't sure which style to go with - especially as the logo on the clothes had to be moved for each pose facing in both directions. I am happy with the final outcome and it was fun to be able to illustrate after spending time designing the type side of the brief.

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