Working alongside a copywriter, the brief was to create a banner ad for Innocent Smoothies' Juice Shots. We decided to use the brands existing fun and friendly identity to give our design a similar style. They use an all lowercase font to give that familiar, personal tone of voice that their customers love, because it makes them feel relaxed knowing that the company have that fun and friendly approach. They say people form an opinion of a company within the first few seconds so we wanted to continue that tongue-in-cheek approach. Innocent have a simple, child-like illustration for their logo and a legible, easy to accommodate sans serif font that makes you feel welcome. Even before you've seen their products you know this is one you wouldn't look past.
I created two moodboards - the first with their existing brand images and colours, then the second with inspiration for our Ad. As we didn't have the actual products to photograph we had to work around photography/physically holding the drinks. First I thought of using a frame to 'capture' the product but it was difficult to make it work with different lengths of ingredients in the copy.
From there we liked the idea of adding ingredients to the design to show exactly what each ingredients were in the products. This gave a 'jam-packed' feel as the copy said, which showed just how many ingredients were in these 'mini but mighty' drinks.
After the copy was written I hung on the last word of 'mighty' and it made me think of a strong punch in a little bottle. This led to the bottle having big muscle style arms as a shadow. After playing around with layouts this is what we came up with: 
This is the final banner Ad!