Through research I found that when we are kept inside, people miss exercise, meeting up with friends, mostly just getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I needed to find a way to integrate this back into people’s lives and spend time in the cities again in 2040. Using Lincoln as my focus, this city space has the perfect opportunity to socialise, wine and dine, spend time with loved ones and get out and about. I wanted to create something that people can enjoy together. To get people socialising outside again, instead of ordering takeaway or watching Netflix.
What: Explored is an interactive experience that lets you explore the city you’re in, in your own time, and is aimed at those who have never been before or want to visit somewhere new.
How: By using a GPS traceable wristband which you can customise and then gives you places to visit whilst you’re in the city. As you can see on the map there is an Explored high street shop and many interactive signs which dispense wristbands. It’s a fully sustainable experience and means you can utilise the city whilst also getting out and staying healthy.
Why: Because we want people to start enjoying their cities again. Working from home everyday has a major impact on mental health, fitness, socialising and general well-being and we need to change that. We also need to bring more attraction to local history and art, so by implementing Explored into cities, we will see more life and more benefits to us, the economy, climate change and our community.