Coming up with a range of eco-friendly products was more challenging than I first realised. I wanted to direct my brand towards children, as they are more likely to choose new upcoming products whereas adults would have already selected their favourite brands and would be adverse to switching to new 'unknown' brands.
Children don’t understand healthy food is better for them, so I determined my target audience to be both the parents and their children. I decided on the name BlueBeary&Co because I wanted a community; a group of characters that could interact and help educate by using an app for learning. This app has parental controls, along with educational games which unlock when scratch codes from the packaging are entered. From the child’s point of view, it is a fun way to learn numbers, colours, sign language and hand-eye coordination. They can learn with cards supplied with the snacks that their parents buy. Alternatively, where children have visual impairments, they can hear the spoken words using certain areas on their mobile or tablet. From a business point of view, more purchases equal more to explore on the app. Therefore, the intention is for the parents to buy more products, with the added bonus of a healthy snack all wrapped inside sustainable materials.

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